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Shaving Brush | Synthetic Hairs | With Travel Case

Shaving Brush | Synthetic Hairs | With Travel Case

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Our Shaving Brushes

    • Shaving Brush | Synthetic | Length xxxmm
    • All our Shaving Brushes are made in China from sustainable sources

Benefits of a Safety Razor:

  • Massages the shaving soap onto your face
  • More sanitary than using your hands to apply the soap
  • A superior & traditional feel


Need some advice on how to get a glorious looking beard?

  1. Wash your face with warm water (ideal time to shave is after a shower)
  2. Pat your face dry
  3. Your beard hairs will be soft and your pores will be open
  4. Take your favourite Saving Soap
  5. Using a Shaving Brush lather a generous amount across all areas to be shaved
  6. Using your favourite Shaving Razor, start to shave alongside the grain of your beard to remove all hairs
  7. Take extra care when shaving edges or hard to reach areas
  8. Check that you have left no straggling hairs
  9. Wash your face with cold water to close your pores
  10. Optionally use a moisturiser to help repair any damage cause by the shaving  

We recommend using a fresh razor every time you shave for best results


Synthetic Hairs

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