• GET A TRADITIONAL SHAVE: A shaving brush is a traditional part of any mans grooming tool kit and we believe that the old ways are the best! Add this brush to your growing collection of traditional shaving items; such as a cut-throat razor, safety razor and wooden bowl of shaving soap!
  • SHAVING MADE EASY: Keep your hands free from soap by using a shaving brush and soap dish, rather than a can of shaving gel and your hands. This brush will alow you to mix up a rich lather of soap that can be generously applied to your face, all while keeping your hands soap free!
  • CRUELTY-FREE: This product has been made with synthetic hairs. The result is an animal-free product that is vegan friendly and performs as well as the top shaving brushes on the market!
  • IT FEELS GREAT: The best part of using a shaving brush is that it gently massages your skin as you apply the lather of soap. We bet you'll soon be eager to use your new shaving brush during your shaving routine!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: At Well Groomed Wizard we always put the customer first, therefore if you are not satisfied with your shopping experience with us, then we will do what we can to resolve any issue you may have.

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