3 Ways a Beard Will Improve Your Life

3 Ways a Beard Will Improve Your Life

1. You Will Feel More Confident

Increased Masculinity

Beards. When we think of beards they generally represent vikings, lumberjacks and all things masculine. If you're looking for a confidence boost then there's nothing quite like a beard to feel more manly.

Many women are also attracted to men with beards. You may find yourself starting to turn heads as you walk down down the street with your new facial hair. There's nothing that will inflate your ego quite like the idea that more and more women will be attracted to you and your beard.

Feel Like A New Person

You will feel like a new person every time you look in a mirror and see the new facial hair on your face. It's no secret that beards are very fashionable right now, you you can rest assured that growing a glorious mane is a wise choice.

2. Patience & Discipline

Months To Grow

If you've ever grown a beard before you'll know that they take months to grow out properly. In our fast paced world of 'on demand' services and instant gratification culture not every man has the patience to wait months and months for his facial hair to grow out.

By growing your beard out you will begin to cultivate patience and discipline, and by the time your beard has reached a significant length you may look and even feel like a new man.

Dealing With Itching

Dealing with itching is another issue that requires willpower. It takes self control to stick with growing your beard out through the itchy stages and beyond. Keep at it and before long you will have the self control and discipline of a monk and the beard of a viking.

3. Age

Feel & Look More Mature

It's true that a beard ages a man. If you're walking round with a baby face and want to command more authority and respect then why not grow a beard?
People will naturally assume that you are older than you are and as such treat you with more respect.

Final Thoughts

Try putting the razor down for 2-3 months and let your beard do what it does naturally and who knows? You may truly start feeling the benefits of being a bearded man.

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