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Level up your shaving game with our range of shaving soaps for men. Perfect for getting a smooth shave while helping keep your skin soft and hydrated!

Become a Well Groomed Wizard With Our Shaving Soap!

  • Made in the U.K.

    We make our shaving soap in the U.K. to guarantee quality & reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Super Smooth Shave

    With a high quality blend of ingredients our shaving soap will help you get a smooth and satisfactory shave.

  • Help You Hydrate

    Our shaving soap has been formulated to help keep your skin hydrated and stop it drying out while you shave.

  • Convenient Travel Tin

    Our shaving soap comes in a screw-top metal tin, making the whole thing perfect to take with you on the road.

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Shaving Soap FAQs

What is shaving soap?

Shaving is made up of a similar blend to regular soap, but the exact ingredients vary due to its specific function, which is to help the user with shaving.  The soap is lathered up, and that lather is applied to the face.  This lather then helps the blade of the razor glide across the user's face and remove hair and stubble as desired. 

A good shaving soap will be able to create a thick lather that acts as the perfect lubrication when it comes to shaving and will allow the user to achieve the perfect shave.

How do you use shaving soap?

A great shave is made up of a few basic steps:

  1. A basin of piping hot (and clean!) water
  2. Your favourite shaving razor (ideally with a fresh blade)
  3. Your favourite shaving soap Be sure to rinse your razor off in hot water after every stroke; this will ensure the blade continues to cut cleanly and keep the blade warm, which also helps with the shaving process.
  4. Shave with the grain, not against it.  This will help to stop any cuts or shaving rashes from occurring. The grain of your beard can change direction on different parts of your face, especially under the chin and the neck area.
  5. Wash your face off with warm water to remove any soap residue, then splash your face with cold water to close off the pores of your face.

Shaving soap vs shaving foam

Shaving foam is a more convenient form of shaving soap that comes in the form of pre-lathered foam in a pressuried can.  The foam is squirted from the can ready to use and be applied to the users face. 

The main downside of using shaving foam is that due to it's required properties, it is largley made us of artificial ingredients.  So, if you prefer to shave with more natural shaving products, you may be best off choosing shaving soap. 

Will it dry my skin out?

The act of shaving can be a process that can damage your skin.  The hot water combined with the sharp metal blade gliding across your face can cause irritattion, not to mention the potential for your skin to dry out.

The shaving soap is there to act as a defence to stop the blade irritating your skin, and the ingredients of the soap are aimed towards keeping your skin moisturised and hydrated.  

We work hard on our formulas to provide you with a shaving soap that will actively stop your skin from drying out, so you can get the shave you want without damaging your skin.

What other shaving products do you recommend?

For best shaving results, we recommend using a fresh razor blade along with a good-quality shaving soap to help lubricate the shaving razor and more easily allow it to glide across your face as you shave.  If you do use a shaving soap that requires it to be lathered up with hot water before use, using a great shaving brush will help to apply the lather to your face.

Is this shaving soap portable? 

With the option to purchase a shaving soap that comes in its own travel tin with a secure screw-top lid, you have the option of being able to take your shaving soap with you whenever you travel. 

This way, you're able to get a perfect shave using the shaving products that you love best.  The travel tin keeps the soap fresh and free from dirt and other debris that it may otherwise come into contact with, making it the perfect option if you're looking for a portable shaving soap.

How long does shaving soap last?

This option will vary from man to man, depending on their exact shaving habit.  Some men need to shave every day, some just a couple of times per week.  The more shaving soap is used, the sooner it will be used up. 

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect that if you're using shaving soap 2-3 times per week, then there will be enough shaving soap to last you around 6 months.