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Become a Well Groomed Wizard With Our Shaving Soap!

Level up your shaving game with our range of shaving soaps for men. Perfect for getting a smooth shave while helping keep your skin soft and hydrated!
  • Made in the U.K.

    We make our shaving soap in the U.K. to guarantee quality & reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Super Smooth Shave

    With a high quality blend of ingredients our shaving soap will help you get a smooth and satisfactory shave.

  • Help You Hydrate

    Our shaving soap has been formulated to help keep your skin hydrated and stop it drying out while you shave.

  • Convenient Travel Tin

    Our shaving soap comes in a screw-top metal tin, making the whole thing perfect to take with you on the road.

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Shaving Soap FAQs

What is shaving soap?

Shaving soap is a type of soap that lathers up to create a source of lubrication for you to shave your face.  It helps the shaving razor glide across your face without irritating your skin, giving you a smooth and comfortable shaving experience.

How do you use shaving soap?

To use shaving soap, you'll need a basin of water and a shaving brush.  It is recommended that you use hot water for this, at the same temperature that you'd take a bath in.  You'll want to wet your brush and begin to stir around the tin of shaving soap.  The aim is to generate a thick lather of soap and begin applying it to your face.  Add more water if the consistency is too thick, or lather up more soap if the consistency is too watery.  We advise that you test of various consistencies to see what works best for you.

Shaving soap vs shaving cream/foam

Shaving soap comes in a solid block of soap that requires an extra step to lather up and shave with.  Shaving cream/foam, on the other hand, comes in a pressurised can and is already lathered up and ready to use.  The advantage of shaving foam is the convenience, but it is usually made with more artificial ingredients, whereas shaving soap is more natural and traditional.

Will it dry my skin out?

The act of shaving can be a process that can damage your skin.  The hot water, along with the blade gliding across your face, can cause damage to your skin and dry it out.  The shaving soap is there to act as a defence to stop the blade irritating your skin, and the ingredients of the soap are aimed towards keeping your skin moisturised and hydrated.  We work hard on our formulas to provide you with a shaving soap that will actively stop your skin from drying out.

Where are your products made? 

Like all our wet products, our shaving soap is made right here in the U.K.  We do this to reduce our carbon footprint and also to maintain quality control over the products we sell.

Is this shaving soap portable? 

This shaving soap comes in a 130g tin and a lid that screws together to make the whole thing perfect for a wash bag, especially if you're travelling and need to take your shaving kit with you.


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