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Become a Well Groomed Wizard With Our Beard Washing products!

Take your beard to the next level and keep it squeaky clean with our beard washing products for men.  Perfect for removing food particles that have built up over the day, stripping away excess oil and generally keeping your beard looking its best!
  • Remove Grime Build-up

    Remove particles of food & other residue that has built up over the course of the day.

  • Strip Away Build Up of Oil

    Washing your beard helps to strip away a build up of excess oil, either natural oil or beard oil.

  • Formulated for Your Beard

    Unlike harsher hair shampoos & conditioners, these products are specially formulated for your beard.

  • Made in the U.K.

    All our beard washing products are handmade by us in the U.K. to guarantee quality.

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Beard Washing FAQs

What are beard washing products?

This is simply the term given to the group of products that you'd use in the shower, i.e. beard shampoo and beard conditioner.

The only difference is that these products have been specially formulated for your beard to give you the best beard washing results.

Beard shampoo vs normal shampoo

Beard shampoo is slightly different from normal shampoo that you'd use for the hair on your head.

Due to the nature of the hair on your head, it can become much more greasy and much more dirty than the hairs of your beard.

As a result, normal shampoo is much stronger and so if you use it on your beard you'll find it is much harsher and can leave your beard overly dry and brittle.

Beard shampoo is created to be much less harsh on your beard and so you can use it without fear of it damaging the hair follicles.

How often should I use it?

This depends on your lifestyle, not everyone will need to use these products with the same frequency.

We recommend that you use beard shampoo & conditioner at least as frequently as you wash the hair on your head.

Some people like to use beard shampoo on a daily basis, everytime that they have a shower. This way they start their day knowing that their beard is clean and fresh.

How to use?

Just take a generous blog of shampoo (or conditioner) while you're in the shower and your beard is wet and massage it into your beard thoroughly, once you've worked it through your beard then be sure to wash it out completely.

If you're using conditioner then be sure to leave it in your beard for around 2-5 minutes for the conditioner to have maximum effect.

Does it soften your beard?

Beard conditioner will definitely help to soften your beard because it contains shea butter which helps to moisturise and soften your beard.

Do I really need beard oil?

You don't necessarily have to use beard shampoo, some people find that using warm water to wash out their beard is enough to clean their beard.

However, if you do use beard shampoo then you'll find that your beard feels and smells extra clean and fresh!

Why buy from us?

Well Groomed Wizard has been crafting and selling our range of beard products since 2016.

We aim to keep all our products high quality and produce most of them in the UK, this includes making the best mustache wax we can!

We also aim to ensure that we use packaging that is recyclable to minimise our impact on the environment.