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Want to keep your beard looking magnificent?  Make sure your facial hair is staying healthy and problem-free by combing or brushing on a regular basis.  The more you comb it the better it looks and the healthier it is!
  • Remove Knots & Tangles

    Keep your beard from knotting and stop the hairs snapping and breaking as a result.

  • Distribute Natural Oils

    Keep your beard hydrated from root to tip by spreading your beard's natural oil along each hair.

  • Keep it Looking Great

    Get the hair of your beard laying flat and keep your beard looking thick and full.

  • Stimulate Beard Growth

    It's like a massage for your beard! Stimulate blood flow and encourage new beard growth.

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Beard Comb FAQs

What's the difference between a beard comb and a beard brush?

Although they are both used for the same purpose, these 2 products are not the same.

A beard comb does a better job of keeping the hairs of your mane tangle free as well as removing any knots you may currently have, while a beard brush does a better job of distributing any natural (or added) oils throughout the beard.

You don't necessarily need to buy a beard comb and a also brush, but many people like have the choice between the two.

Why do I need to comb my beard?

Although a beard will happily grow without the aid of oil or a comb or beard brush, it may not always be looking its best without a little extra help.

Combing your beard helps to de-tangle it and keep it free from knots.

This is important since the more a beard gets tangled, the harder it is to de-tangle, in addition, the hair follicles can become damaged and break as a result of being knotted together.

You may also find that your beard can dry out due to the environment and climate you live in, the more sun and heat in your day to day surroundings the more it will dry out.

Brushing or combing facial hair regularly will help to spread your beard's natural oil (sebum oil) along the length of the hair follicle and keep it hydrated as well as protected, with a coating of natural oil to repel the elements.

Combing your beard also helps to stimulate blood flow to the area and encourage beard growth.

How often should I comb my beard?

The answer to this will vary depending on the exact individual and the length of their beard.

The longer the beard, the more attention it is going to need, but even a shorter beard can be much more dense than the average beard and so that will also require attention!

At Well Groomed Wizard, we recommend to make using a beard comb or a beard brush a daily habit, this way your beard will never get too out of hand and will maintain a good level of health.

We specifically encourage grooming in the morning since this is when your beard will be the most untidy and need a bit of extra help to remove any knots that may have formed while you were tossing and turning.

Combing or using a beard brush before bed will also help to lay the hairs flat and stop any bunching up that may have occurred during the course of the day and help to stop your beard from getting too messy again during the night!

Which type of comb is the best beard comb?

There are a variety of different beard combs for men on the market and not all of them are created equal.

You will find that the majority of plastic combs may do more harm than good for your facial hair.
This is because the manufacturing process of a plastic causes the teeth of the comb to have microscopic jagged edges along the length of the tooth.

These jagged edges will snag and tug on the mustache and beard hair follicle as you comb them and over time this builds up to cause more and more damage to the hair and may even cause it to snap along the length of the hair!

A wooden comb is much less harsh to the hair cell since the natural grains of the wood work with the hair and don't leave jagged edges.

Do I need to use beard oil too?

Although you do not need to use beard oil as part of your beard combing routine, we do encourage it.

The glands of the cells that the hair follicles grow out of produce their own natural oils, this helps to keep the follicle healthy and protected.

However, once your beard gets longer and longer it gets harder and harder to keep the whole length of the beard coated.

This is why a comb helps to spread the oil (among other benefits).

But sometimes a beard is too long or the just isn't enough natural oil produced to keep the beard happy and healthy.

This is where Beard Oil can work wonders for adding that extra dose of hydration in the form of a carefully blended selection of oils.

Why buy from Well Groomed Wizard?

Well Groomed Wizard has been in the beard product industry since 2016, helping men with their beard styling by providing a range of high quality products that have been carefully selected to help with various aspects of beardcare.

We work to reduce our impact on the environment by producing our own products where possible and so reduce the impact on shipping products across the world.

Our aim is to provide premium products that help men with their beard grooming.


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