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Folding Beard Comb

Folding Beard Comb

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This folding beard comb can keep your beard looking good while being small and compact at just 10cm in length when folded.

  • Keep your beard looking its best
  • Remove knots & tangles
  • Pocket sized
  • Works great when using beard oil


Sandalwood: A rich and musky scented wood that smells great. This wood is sustainably and responsinly sourced.

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Folded Dimensions: 98 (mm) x 40 (mm) x 13 (mm)
Unfolded Dimensions: 182 (mm) x 40 (mm) x 13 (mm)
Teeth Length: 22 (mm)
Weight: 44 (g)

Comb in Box
Dimensions: 114 (mm) x 64 (mm) x 16 (mm)
Weight: 55 (g)

How to Use

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Folding Beard Comb

This folding beard comb will make a great addition to any beard grooming routine or a great gift for a bearded man. Keep your beard free from knots and tangles do your beard stays healthy without any breakages. With its pocket sized design its perfect to carry around with you for a bit of lunchtime beard brushing.

  • Remove Knots & Tangles

    One of the biggest issues that any bearded man can face is having a beard that gets tangled and knotted. This may not sound so bad but it can lead to hairs snapping and breaking off unnecessarily. The simply remedy to this is to maintain a regular schedule of gently combing out ant knots that may have formed before they get too bad.

  • Encourage Beard Growth

    A dry beard will need need some extra help with some beard oil to stop it from becoming too damaged and unhealthy. A beard comb will help to distribute the beard oil all over your beard so it can take effect fully and hydrate your beard properly.

  • Keep It Looking Great

    A beard that doesn't get combed on a regular basis will look untidy and won't be at its full potential. This is because the hairs will be bunched up and curled up to some extent. By brushing your beard you can help to separate the hairs and stretch them out to their fullest so your beard looks longer and more full.

  • Help Apply Beard Oil

    If you've tried growing a beard then you'll know that it can be a long process and it can test your patience. Combing your beard on a regular basis can help to stimulate blood flow to the area, this increase in blood flow helps to deliver nutrients better to the hair follicles which in turn helps to speed up beard growth.