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Level up your beard with our range of men's shaving brushes. Perfect for those men who like a traditional style of shaving and want to maintain that clean-cut look!

Become a Well Groomed Wizard With Our Men's Shaving Brushes!

  • Soften Your Beard

    Our shaving brushes work to help soften the hairs of your beard prior to starting shaving.

  • Traditional Style

    Shave just like your grandfather used to! We stock traditional styles of men's shaving brushes.

  • Vegan Friendly

    We only stock synthetic shaving brushes that do not require the harvesting of animals.

  • Lather It Up

    Our brushes are the perfect tool for lathering up some good-quality shaving soap.

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Men's Shaving Brushes FAQs

How to use our shaving brushes?

Shaving brushes, like many other shaving products, are best used with a basin of piping hot water.  They are designed to be used with shaving soap to scrub up a lather and then massagingly apply that lather all over your face.  Simply wet your brush in the hot water and begin scrubbing your shaving soap until a thick layer begins to form.  The lather itself should not be too watery or too thick in consistency.  Try experimenting until you find a consistency that allows you to coat your face sufficiently, allowing the shaving razor to glide over your face as you remove the stubble of your beard hairs.

Synthetic brushes vs badger brushes

As the name suggests, badger hair brushes are made from badger hairs.  Due to the way the hairs of the badger are harvested and the fact that badgers, unlike sheep and other cattle, aren't domesticated animals, they are usually killed in the harvesting process.

Synthetic brushes are, of course, made from synthetic fibres.  Not only are many people more comfortable with the idea of using a completely synthetic product that doesn't involve the use of animal products, but they are also able to achieve the same shaving results as a brush made from badger hair or other similar shaving brushes.  Well Groomed Wizard only stocks vegan-friendly, synthetic shaving brushes for a guilt-free shaving option.

Why is my shaving brush shedding?

Shaving brushes are made up of thousands of tiny synthetic hairs, all of which have varying lengths in order to give a fur-like feel and effect.  This style of brush helps to gently massage the shaving soap into the user's face.  However, creating a brush in this fashion with hairs of varying length will result in some of the hairs inevitably shedding from the brush.  Not only is this normal and expected, but it will not affect the overall use and experience of the product.  You will find that the shedding is only a temporary thing that happens during the initial stages of the product's use, and the shedding will eventually stop, and you'll be able to use the brush without the fear of any more hairs shedding.

Benefits of using a shaving brush

Unlike modern-day shaving creams, which are contained within a pressurised aerosol can, an old-school shaving soap requires a little extra help.  This is where a shaving brush comes into play.  Not only does the shaving brush help to lather up the shaving soap and apply it to the user's face, but it also helps with the overall shaving experience.  The hairs of the brush help to sufficiently wetten and lubricate the hairs of the beard; this helps them to be more easily cut while also protecting the skin underneath.  The massaging effect of the brush also helps to encourage blood flow to the area, which helps promote healthier skin around your beard area.

When were shaving brushes invented?

Shaving brushes are thought to have first made their appearance in France during the 1750s, or at least this is the first historical record of them, and were called blaireau, meaning badger.  Their name comes from the fact that they were initially made from badger hairs, and these are the first examples of what are now known as shaving brushes.  Modern-day shaving brushes now come in a range of different types of hair, including synthetic hairs, which have become a popular choice since they do not require any animals to be harmed in the manufacturing process.

What other shaving products do you recommend?

For best shaving results, we recommend using a fresh razor blade along with a good-quality shaving soap to help lubricate the shaving razor and more easily allow it to glide across your face as you shave.  If you do use a shaving soap that requires it to be lathered up with hot water before use, using a great shaving brush will help to apply the lather to your face.

How do I protect my shaving brush?

If you are simply using your shaving brush at home, then you won't need to worry too much since the brush will not be moving around when not in use.  However, if you are travelling, then you'll likely be using a washbag to contain your shaving brush along with your other grooming products.  This can result in your shaving brush rubbing up against other items and the walls of the washbag, potentially causing damage to the hairs of the brush and even resulting in their shedding.  At Well Groomed Wizard, we supply a travel case for all our shaving brushes, so your shaving brush can fit snuggly and securely within your washbag and keep the hairs safe and free from damage.