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Level up your beard with our range of men's shaving razors. Perfect for those men who like a traditional style of shaving and want to maintain that clean-cut look!

Become a Well Groomed Wizard With Our Men's Shaving Razors!

  • Cheap to Upkeep

    At just £0.10 per blade, our shaving razors are an easily affordable way to get a great shave.

  • Traditional Style

    Shave just like your grandfather used to! We stock traditional styles of men's shaving razors.

  • Robust Razors

    Our razors are made from simple designs with durable materials for a robust product.

  • The Best Blades

    We only stock the very best blades for our shaving razors, giving you the best shave.

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Men's Shaving Razor FAQs

How to use our razors?

A great shave is made up of a few basic steps:

  1. A basin of piping hot (and clean!) water
  2. Your favourite shaving razor (ideally with a fresh blade)
  3. Your favourite shaving soap
    Be sure to rinse your razor off in hot water after every stroke; this will ensure the blade continues to cut cleanly and keep the blade warm, which also helps with the shaving process.
  4. Shave with the grain, not against it.  This will help to stop any cuts or shaving rashes from occurring. The grain of your beard can change direction on different parts of your face, especially under the chin and the neck area.
  5. Wash your face off with warm water to remove any soap residue, then splash your face with cold water to close off the pores of your face.

What other shaving products do you recommend?

For best shaving results, we recommend using a fresh razor blade along with a good-quality shaving soap to help lubricate the shaving razor and more easily allow it to glide across your face as you shave.  If you do use a shaving soap that requires it to be lathered up with hot water before use, using a great shaving brush will help to apply the lather to your face.

How long does each razor blade last?

The lifetime of each razor blade will depend, to some extent, on the man in question.  The thicker the man's stubble and the more densely his beard grows, the more a razor blade will be blunted during the course of a shave.

Even though a razor blade is made from 'razor-sharp' metal, the stubble of a man's beard will be enough to substantially blunt the razor blade from a single shave.

For best results, we recommend using a fresh blade for every shave.  However, if your beard or stubble isn't particularly thick or dense, or if you simply want to be more economical, then you could use a single razor blade for 2-4 shaves.

What if I need new razor blades frequently?

Fortunately, we have you covered!  We offer a monthly razor subscription to deliver fresh razor blades to your door.  Whether you need just a few razors per month or enough for a new razor blade per day, we can offer you a subscription package to suit your needs.

What types of manual razors are there?

There are 3 main types of razors:

  • Cut throat razors: A old-style of razor with an open blade can give fantastic results but is not for the faint-hearted due to the potential to cut yourself while shaving!
  • Safety razors: These razors first came into popularity in 1904.  Typically made from 3 pieces of titanium, these types of razors give a great shave and are one of our favourites at Well Groomed Wizard.
  • Cartridge razors: These modern razors are great for first-time shavers due to their easy-to-use design.  However, the price of the cartridges means that they can be an expensive, long-term option!

What about electric razors?

There's no arguing that an electric razor is considerably more convenient than a manual razor; you can achieve a shave within 1-2 minutes, all without the need for hot water and shaving soap.
However, an electric razor, despite being far more convenient than a manual razor, cannot achieve the same high-quality shave as a traditional shave.

A razor cannot cut as close to the grain as a manual razor, and so you won't get that 'freshly shaved' feeling as a result.  The blades of an electric razor will also not cut your beard as cleanly, leading to more split ends and potential ingrown hairs.

There is always a time and a place for an electric razor, but when time allows, or if you want the best shave you can get, then we recommend choosing a manual razor.

Do I need to always use a new blade every time I shave?

This question will vary from man to man.  Some men will absolutely need a fresh razor every time they shave; otherwise, they'll struggle to shave at all!  Other men will be able to use the same razor for a few shaves until it becomes too blunt to use.

The determining factor will be the thickness of the hairs of your beard, the density of your overall beard, and how often you like to be fully clean-shaven. We recommend testing out different shaving habits until you find a routine that suits you best.