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Double Edge Safety Razor

Double Edge Safety Razor

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Looking for the best Double Edge Safety Razor?  Give yourself the gift of a superb shave.  Our safety razors are handmade from a simplistic 3-piece design for a superior product.

  • Cheap to use at just £0.10 per blade
  • Traditional style of shave
  • Simple & robust 3-piece build
  • Perfect for the times you need a close shave
  • 100% recyclable packaging


Titanium alloy

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Double Edge Safety Razor

Tired of spending too much on new cartridge razor blades?  Does shaving feel more like a chore than an experience?  Try Well Groomed Wizard's Double Edge Safety Razor.  Our safety razor costs, on average, just £0.10 per blade, so you can get the shave you want without breaking the bank.  Paired with our shaving soap & shaving brush, our safety razor will let you remove your stubble like the men of old, giving you the control to turn shaving back into a grooming experience and not a daily burden.

  • What is a safety razor?

    A safety razor is a type of men's shaving razor that uses a single blade encased in a 2-tier razor housing and offers a safer way to shave than older razors (cut throat razors, whose blades were exposed).  Due to the razor being enclosed in the 2-tier housing, only the bare minimum of the blade needed to shave is exposed, minimising the ability to accidentally cut yourself deeply.  Hence the name 'safety razor'.

  • When were safety razors invented?

    Safety razors were first invented in 1904, and they have been around for over 100 years.  Due to their ease of use, compared to their predecessor, the cut throat razor, they maintained their popularity right up until the modern-day cartridge razor first made its appearance in the 1970s.  Using a safety razor really would have been the only way to shave for your grandfather and possibly even your father too.

  • Why should I choose a safety razor?

    There are many advantages to choosing a safety razor over a modern cartridge razor.  One of the main advantages is the cost of buying new razor blades.  Our Double Edge Safety Razor costs just £0.10 per blade, meaning you're able to use a fresh blade each and every time you shave, meaning you get the perfect shave every day for just £3.00 total per month!  making it an extremely affordable option.

  • Is one blade enough to get a good shave?

    It may seem counterintuitive, especially if you're used to using a multi-blade modern cartridge razor, but a single blade is all you need in order to get a perfect shave.  The simplicity of the design means that the blade is angled in such a way to give you the perfect close shave that you desire.  It has a double blade, allowing you to swap between edges to ensure you always have a sharp edge while you shave.