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Become a Well Groomed Wizard With Our Mustache Wax!

Add some style to your mustache with our range of mustache waxes! Made with real beeswax, these waxes are perfect for sculpting your mustache and keeping it looking great.
  • Add Some Shape

    The perfect product for getting that handlebar mustache look.

  • Keep it Set All Day

    This wax will set your 'stache exactly as you want it and hold it there, all day long.

  • Made with Real Beeswax

    We use the real deal. This product has been made with real beeswax.

  • Made in the U.K.

    All our mustache waxes are handmade by us in the U.K. to guarantee quality.

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Mustache Wax FAQs

What is mustache wax?

Like it suggests on the tin, mustache wax is used to sculpt the hairs of the mustache. Many people choose to grow the hair of their moustache long when wearing a beard, or they grow one independently of any other facial hair.

As good as they look, mustaches can be troublesome when eating or at other times throughout the day.

For this reason, and also for stylistic reasons, many mustached men like to use wax to sculpt, shape and hold their 'stache in place and help to keep it out the way!

What's the difference between mustache wax and beard balm?

Beard Balm and Mustache Wax are both made from very similar ingredients are slightly different in composition and use.

Beard Balm also contains beeswax but has a much higher percentage of oils, this is to keep the consistency of the balm much softer than the wax.

As a result the balm is used to hydrate and nourish the beard whilst adding some styling properties with the added beeswax, allowing you to shape the beard somewhat.

Mustache wax has a much higher percentage of beeswax to oil, so therefore it is almost entirely used for the sole purpose of sculpting your mustache and fix it in place as the wax dries.

This is an organic mustache wax.

Mustache or Moustache?

These are actually both spellings of the same word, 'mustache' is the American derived spelling of the word and is the most popular way to spell the word, while 'moustache' is the old English version and is generally used less.

So which ever you search for you'll get the same result.

How do I use it?

Due to the nature of the beeswax contained in this product it takes a bit more care to use it than other beard products.

The first step is to warm the wax, this can be done with a radiator, hair dryer or by simply rubbing a pea-sized blog between your fingers until it warms through.

Work the wax into your moustache along the length of hairs you're looking to style and use a comb to coat the hairs fully.

Once the wax has sufficiently impregnated the hairs you'll be able to work them into whatever shape or style you desire, perhaps a handlebar?

The top wax will then begin to set once it's exposed to the air and fix your 'tache for the rest of the day!

Can I use it on my beard?

Mustache wax sets very stiff and is perfect if you want to keep your mustache fixed in a certain shape or style all day long.

It is generally too stiff to be used to style the rest of your beard, since it is far too time consuming and because it will be a tricky task to wash it out afterwards.

This is because the best mustache waxes use beeswax to produce a more natural mustache wax.

Since the hairs of your beard don't need as much styling we recommend you use beard balm for the purposes of the rest of your beard.

How long does your mustache have to be to wax it?

If your mustache isn't long enough then no amount of mustache wax is going to help style it.

As a general rule of thumb, if you comb the bristles of your mustache straight down and they hang over your top lip, then they are getting long enough to be able to be styled with mustache wax.

Once you can pull the ends of your mustache into a point you'll be able to style your 'stache into a handlebar mustache style.

Why Buy From Us?

Well Groomed Wizard has been crafting and selling our range of beard products since 2016.

We aim to keep all our products high quality and produce most of them in the UK, this includes making the best mustache wax we can!

We also aim to ensure that we use packaging that is recyclable to minimise our impact on the environment.