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Become a Well Groomed Wizard With Our Beard Oil!

Level up your beard with our range of beard oil for men. Perfect for bringing a dry and damaged beard back to life or simply use to get your facial hair looking and smelling its very best!
  • Hydrate & Repair

    Repair, hydrate & soften a beard that has become dry and brittle.

  • Speed up Growth

    Feed your beard and speed up beard growth with essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Add a Layer of Protection

    Give your beard a layer of oil to protect it from the elements.

  • Made in the U.K.

    All our beard oils are handmade by us in the U.K. to guarantee quality.

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Beard Oil FAQs

What is beard oil & why should I use it?

Beard oil is a product made for men that care about their beard styling and wish to keep their facial hair looking good, feeling great and maintain the overall health and quality of their beard.

Not only does beard oil it hydrate the hair follicles, but it also moisturises the skin underneath and around the beard.

After you use beard oil, the hairs will be coated in a layer of protective oil that will help to stop it from drying out and becoming brittle.

Why choose Well Groomed Wizard's beard oil?

At Well Groomed Wizard we have been creating beard oil for men & beard products since 2016.

We strive to create products that are high quality as well as being made from ingredients that are ethically sourced and packaging that is recyclable.

So if you're looking for the best beard oil on the market then browse our range of perfected products!

All our beard oils are made by us, right here in the UK for guaranteed quality and a more natural beard oil.

Our triple blend of base oils, combined with our carefully selected formulation of top-note scented oils creates a final product that nourishes, protects and enriches your beard with a mouth-watering scent.

Take a look at our ever-growing range of fragrances and buy some beard oil today!

Will it help with my beard growth?

Although beard oil isn't a magical beard growth oil, it can indeed contribute to the growth of your overall beard as well as helping with your general beard grooming routine.

Every cell in your body requires nutrients and energy to grow, and the hair cells of your beard are no different.

Although the cells may have plenty of energy, they may be lacking in nutrients needed to grow optimally.

Beard oil is a blend of various oils that contain an assortment of vitamins and minerals that are absorbed by the cell at the root of the hair, as well as by the skin around it.

These nutrients and minerals then enter your blood stream where they can be used by the hair cells to form the building blocks of the new length of the follicle.

So it isn't exactly beard growth oil but is instead a healthy and natural blend of oils that will indirectly help your beard grow more optimally.

How often should I use it?

Using beard oil is a lot like washing the hair on your head, everybody is different.
Some people naturally have very dry hair and some have very oily hair.

A beard is a little bit different since it will always be more prone to becoming dry due to the wear and tear of modern day living and conditions.

If you find that your beard or skin around your beard is becoming dry or if the hairs of your beard are particularly coarse and brittle, then it is worth using (or increasing your use of) beard oil.

For the best beard care practice, we recommend using a small amount of beard oil on a daily basis and reducing if your beard is becoming too oily and increase if it is too dry and coarse.

Can I Use It On My Mustache?

Of course, this is a mustache oil as much as it is a beard oil!

For many men, the hairs of your 'stache are usually thicker and coarser than the hairs of other parts of their beard and a bit of mustache oil is the perfect thing to soften those hairs slightly.

So, beard oil, mustache oil, it's all designed to do the same job, any good beard oil will be able to help it all!

How do I use beard oil?

Never used beard oil before? Take a read below on some tips to help you with your beardcare.

Beard oil is pretty simple to use, everyone develops their own technique after a while but there are a few key steps that can help you on your way.

1. Apply 5-15 drops of some good beard oil to the palm of your hand, the longer and bushier your beard, the more drops you'll need.

Test out a certain amount of drops and then increase or decrease as needed.

2. Spread the oil across the palm of your hand up to the tips of your fingers until the front of your hand is nicely coated in oil.

3. Using your hand, the palm and the fingertips, rub the oil into your beard.
Be sure to coat the entirety of your beard so every part has oil in it.

4. Use your finger tips to begin to work the beard & mustache oil deeper into your beard, from the tip of the hair cells down to the roots of the hair cells.

5. This last step is optional but we definitely encourage it!

Take a comb and comb the hairs of your beard, from root to tip, across every part of your beard until every part has been combed from root to tip several times.

This will help to spread the oil along the full length of every hair in your beard and allow the oil to do its job.

What type of beard oil is the best beard oil to use?

The best beard oils for men all have a few factors in common, they are made from top quality ingredients and they are made somewhere that allows for quality control.

There are a few key ingredients that you should look for:

- Base oils
These make up most of the volume of the beard oil. They are usually high quality oils that have numerous beneficial properties such as argan oil or castor oil.

- Top note oils
These are the oils that give the beard oils their mouth-watering scents. They can be either natural essential oils like lemon oil or peppermint oil or they can be artificial oils made to give a unique scent like cherry bakewell.

A good beard oil will have a carefully selected blend to get it smelling great!

- Essential additives
These are the bonus extras that your beard oil may or may not contain. They add an extra health benefit to the oil to help you and your beards well-being.

An example of this is vitamin e oil, this helps to nourish your skin and make sure it has all the vitamin e it needs.

So if you're looking to encourage beard growth oil such as vitamin e oil is a great additive!