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Premium Beard Oil

Premium Beard Oil

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Looking for the best Beard Oil?  Nourish your beard & protect it from drying out.  Our Beard Oils are handmade in the U.K. with a blend of high quality ingredients.

  • Handmade in the U.K. by Well Groomed Wizard
  • Hydrate & Repair a dry and damaged beard
  • Encourage optimum beard growth
  • A careful blend of selected oils
  • 100% recyclable packaging


Castor Oil: This is a very popular oil among the bearded community, especially for those looking to help more directly with beard growth. Castor oil helps to increase the blood flow to the area applied which is fantastic for beardcare and general beard growth.

Argan Oil: Many say that argan oil helps to protect the cuticle that the hair follicle grows from and preserve the quality of the hair. It has long been used within the hair care industry as a treatment and so it can benefit your beard by keeping it healthy.

Jojoba Oil: Beard can gather a lot of bacteria due to residual food particles from eating throughout the day. Jojoba oil has high levels of antibacterial properties, meaning that it can help to reduce growth of bacteria that can lead to acne and spots underneath your beard.

Vitamin E Oil: Vitamin E oil is great for your skin due to its moisturising properties and can even help with wrinkles and scars!

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Oil (10ml)
Dimensions: 20 (mm) x 20 (mm) x 60 (mm)
Weight: 13 (g)

Oil (30ml)
Dimensions: 33 (mm) x 33 (mm) x 104 (mm)
Weight: 82 (g)

How to Use

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Classic Beard Oil

Growing a magnificently long beard yourself or looking for a present for a man with facial hair? Not only is this oil intended for your daily beard care routine but it is also designed to be a mustache oil as well. Beard oil makes a great gift for birthdays, Christmas or any occasion. Take a look at the range of the best beard oils we've come up with, brought to you by Well Groomed Wizard.

  • Feed Your Beard

    Sometimes our diets can lack essential nutrients and vitamins that would usually be used for growth and repair. Don't let you beard go without! Add some beard oil to your facial hair and give your beard the essential building blocks it needs to keep growing at an optimum rate.

  • Moisturise Your Skin

    A beard can be a great feature for your face but having all that extra facial hair can do damage to the skin underneath. Your beard can slowly suck the oil and moisture from your face and dry out the skin under your beard, causing dandruff and flaky skin. In addition to hydrating your facial hair, beard oil will seep down to the root and to your skin and help to moisturise it and keep it health and dandruff-free.

  • Soften Your Beard

    Day to day living combined with the elements can slowly begin to dry out the hairs of your beard and cause it to become rough and brittle. Don't suffer with a scratchy dry beard! Add some of Well Groomed Wizard's best beard oil and bring a little softness back into that wild mane.

  • Protect Against The Elements

    Get ahead of the problem of a dry and damaged beard by keeping your beard protected like a well-oiled machine. The coating of beard oil actually helps to protect the follicles of hair by creating a barrier of oil that helps to stop the hair from drying out and becoming damaged.