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Become a Well Groomed Wizard With Our Beard Balm!

Want a healthy beard without compromising style?  Our Beard Balms are perfect for those looking to help keep their beard healthy whilst also needing a product to help style their beard and hold it in that perfect shape all day long!
  • Hydrate & Repair

    Repair, hydrate & soften a beard that has become dry and brittle.

  • Add a Fresh Scent

    As well as the other benefits to your beard, add some of your favourite scent!

  • Style Your Beard

    Add some shape and style to your beard and hold it in place to keep it looking great.

  • Made in the U.K.

    All our beard balms are handmade by us in the U.K. to guarantee quality.

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Beard Balm FAQs

Beard balm vs beard oil

Bear balm and beard oil both have similar properties in terms of how they both help your beard stay hydrated, protected and generally healthy.

This is because they both contain various oils with beneficial properties (even though beard balm is solid). These oils are great for keeping your beard healthy and protected.

The difference is that beard balm also has beeswax mixed into it, this beeswax is what causes the balm to be solid, unlike beard oil.

The beeswax is an essential ingredient for styling the beard and holding it in place.

Beard balm vs mustache wax

Many people confuse wax and beard balm, unsure of what the difference is between the two.

The feel as though they have similar consistancies and are both used to aid a beard when it comes to shaping and styling.

Mustache wax has a far bigger ratio of beeswax, which makes it much stiffer when set. This is because it's designed to style and hold the much ticker hairs of your mustache in place.

Beard balm is designed to help you give some general shape and hold to your beard, which requires less intensive styling, unlike a handlebar mustache.

How to use

Using beard balm is fairly straightforward, however we have a few tips for you to help.

Best to use after a shower, once your beard has been completely dried.

Apply some balm to your hand and spread the balm around, coating your fingers up to the tips.

Using your fingers and the palms of your hands, work the balm into your beard. Be sure to coat the balm across the entirety of your beard, and try to spread the balm from root to tip.

Now that your beard is nicely coated in balm you can use a beard comb (or just your fingers!) to begin shaping and styling your beard as desired.

Be sure to wash your beard thoroughly at the end of the bad to remove any excess/leftover balm.

What is the best types of beard balm?

So which are the best types of beard balms?

Well, there are 2 main types of beard balm. One is beard styling balm and the other is beard softener balm.

The styling balm has a stronger hold, due to more beeswax, and so is primarily used to style your beard.

The beard softener balm has less beeswax and more oil mixed in, this type of balm is used less to style your beard and more to help soften it and keep it healthy.

How often should I use?

Since beard balm is primarily used for styling, we recommend that you use it in the mornings only, to style your beard and get your ready for the day ahead.

By using balm on a daily basis you will be able to keep your beard feeling soft and healthy.

Why buy from us?

Well Groomed Wizard has been crafting and selling our range of beard products since 2016.

We aim to keep all our products high quality and produce most of them in the UK, this includes making the best mustache wax we can!

We also aim to ensure that we use packaging that is recyclable to minimise our impact on the environment.

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