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Level up your shaving routine with our range of men's shaving products. Perfect for those men who like a traditional style of shaving and want to maintain that clean-cut look!

Become a Well Groomed Wizard With Our Men's Shaving Products!

  • Made in the U.K.

    All our wet shaving products are made right here in the United Kingdom to ensure quality.

  • Traditional Shaving

    If you're looking for an old-school style of shaving, then our products are just that.

  • Natural & Vegan-Friendly

    We work to ensure that our products are cruelty-free and made from natural ingredients.

  • Great Gifts

    Looking for a gift for the man in your life?  Our products are always popular presents.

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Are your products made in the U.K.?

At Well Groomed Wizard, we strive to make sure that all our products meet a certain standard of quality.  This is particularly true for our 'wet' products, like shaving soap, beard oil, sea salt spray, etc.  We therefore make all our wet products right here in the U.K., and many of them are made in-house by us.

What shaving products do you recommend?

For best shaving results, we recommend using a fresh razor blade along with a good-quality shaving soap to help lubricate the shaving razor and more easily allow it to glide across your face as you shave.  If you do use a shaving soap that requires it to be lathered up with hot water before use, using a great shaving brush will help to apply the lather to your face.

What if I need shaving products on a regular basis?

If you find yourself quickly going through shaving products like razor blades and shaving soap and you'd like a more convenient solution than making regular purchases, then why not try out our monthly subscription services?  We offer various different products, like men's shaving products, delivered to your door on a regular basis.  Whether that be monthly, every six weeks, or any other interval of time you wish, we offer you the option to design yourself a custom shaving product subscription option that suits you.

How to use our shaving products?

A great shave is made up of a few basic steps:

  1. A basin of piping hot (and clean!) water
  2. Your favourite shaving razor (ideally with a fresh blade)
  3. Your favourite shaving soap
    Be sure to rinse your razor off in hot water after every stroke; this will ensure the blade continues to cut cleanly and keep the blade warm, which also helps with the shaving process.
  4. Shave with the grain, not against it.  This will help to stop any cuts or shaving rashes from occurring. The grain of your beard can change direction on different parts of your face, especially under the chin and the neck area.
  5. Wash your face off with warm water to remove any soap residue, then splash your face with cold water to close off the pores of your face.

How long do your shaving products last?

Our shaving product lifetimes very much depend on your exact shaving habits.  While products like shaving brushes and safety razors are designed to last a lifetime, shaving soap and razor blades are not.  Some men find that they need a fresh blade every time they shave due to how course the hairs of their beard are.  On a similar note, if you need to shave every day, then you'll end up using shaving soap more quickly than other men.  As a guide, our shaving soap lasts around 6 months, and other razor blades are suitable for 1-3 shaves.

What is a traditional style of shaving?

A traditional style of shaving is, just as it sounds, a traditional style of shaving using traditional shaving products.  A safety razor over an electric razor or cartridge razor to give the cleanest cut possible to the hairs of the beard.  Shaving soap over synthetic shaving foam for a natural lubricant while shaving.  These kinds of products deliver excellent results and feel great to use.

How often should I shave?

This question will vary from man to man.  Some men will absolutely need to shave every day to stay clean-shaven; some men can leave a day or two in between shaves before their stubble becomes noticeable.

The determining factors will be how quickly your beard grows, how thick it is, and how clean-shaven you want to appear.  We recommend trying out different intervals until you find a period of time that suits you.