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Natural Shaving Soap | 130g

Natural Shaving Soap | 130g

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Looking for organic and Natural Shaving Soap? Our shaving soap is made from all natural ingredients to give you a superb shave that you can also feel good about.

  • Lasts 6 months on average
  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • Traditional style of shaving
  • Perfect for getting a close shave
  • Comes in an convenient travel tin


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Natural Shaving Soap

Are you looking for a shaving soap that is made from all natural ingredients without compromising on the quality of the soap itself or your overall shaving experience?  Well Groomed Wizard natural shaving soap is formulated with these ideals in mind.  Made for us in the U.K., our shaving soap uses only natural ingredients while still being able to create a thick lather that will assist you in getting a perfectly close shave while also helping to protect and hydrate your skin.

  • What is shaving soap?

    Shaving soap is a specific type of soap that is used during the shaving process.  It acts as a barrier and lubricant between the blade of the razor and the skin, helping the blade glide along the skin of the face and gently remove the hairs with as little friction as possible while helping to keep the skin hydrated and undamaged.  Without shaving soap, the act of shaving itself is a much more difficult process.

  • Do I need shaving soap to shave?

    If you've ever tried shaving without the aid of shaving soap, then you'll know how tricky it can be.  Without shaving soap, you'll have a harder time drawing the razor across your face, although it is possible you'll encounter more friction and the hairs of your beard won't be cut free without causing some discomfort.  There's also an increased chance of developing 'shaving rash' as a result of the increased friction.

  • Natural shaving soap vs synthetic shaving soap

    Natural shaving soap, like ours, is made from a range of natural products that usually come in the form of a 'bar' of soap that needs to be lathered up with hot water before it can be used.  Synthetic shaving soap, on the other hand, is usually contained within a pressurised can and is ready to use as it is pumped out.  However, achieving this convenient result means that the soap is made from many artificial ingredients.

  • When was shaving soap invented?

    Shaving soap is generally defined as being of hard consistency and shaped in roughly a bar shape.  This type of shaving soap dates back to the early 19th century, when mug-like products, designed to be used in conjunction with shaving soap, were being released and patented.  Since men have been known to shave throughout the entire history of recorded civilization, it is likely that early forms of shaving soap existed during this time.