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Synthetic Shaving Brush

Synthetic Shaving Brush

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Looking for the best Synthetic Shaving Brush?  Give yourself the gift of a superb shave.  Our brushes are handmade from synthetic fibres for a more ethical product.

  • Ethical & vegan-friendly
  • Traditional style of shave
  • Pairs perfectly with our Shaving Soap
  • Softens beard hairs to help with shaving
  • Promotes healthy skin


Synthetic fibres

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How to Use

Need some advice on how to get a glorious looking beard?

  1. Wash your face with warm water (ideal time to shave is after a shower)
  2. Pat your face dry
  3. Your beard hairs will be soft and your pores will be open
  4. Take your favourite Saving Soap
  5. Using a Shaving Brush lather a generous amount across all areas to be shaved
  6. Using your favourite Shaving Razor, start to shave alongside the grain of your beard to remove all hairs
  7. Take extra care when shaving edges or hard to reach areas
  8. Check that you have left no straggling hairs
  9. Wash your face with cold water to close your pores
  10. Optionally use a moisturiser to help repair any damage cause by the shaving  

We recommend using a fresh razor every time you shave for best results

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Synthetic Shaving Brush

Want to take your shaving experience to a new level?  Our shaving brush pairs perfectly with any of our range of Shaving Soaps to offer you the very best method of shaving.  A shaving brush is the perfect way to start any shave.  Simply lather up your favourite shaving soap with hot water and massage the soap into your face.  The hairs of the shaving brush work to not only apply the lather to where it is needed, but it also helps to soften the hairs of your beard and gently lift them too, in preparation for being cut, so you get a perfectly smooth close-shave while protecting the delicate skin underneath.

  • What is a shaving brush?

    A shaving brush is a tool specifically designed to be used during the shaving process.  In modern times, shaving foam is sold in pressurised cans; there is no need to lather the foam up since it comes out of the can ready-to-use.  Before this style of shaving foam was invented, shaving soap was exclusively used. These shaving soap bars required the soap to be lathered up and then the lather to be applied to the area to be shaved; this is where the shaving brush comes into use.

  • When were shaving brushes invented?

    Shaving brushes are thought to have first made their appearance in France during the 1750s, or at least this is the first historical record of them, and were called blaireau, meaning badger.  Their name comes from the fact that they were initially made from badger hairs, and these are the first examples of what are now known as shaving brushes.  Modern-day shaving brushes now come in a range of different types of hair, including synthetic hair.

  • Benefits of using a shaving brush?

    A shaving brush has many benefits; it helps to soften the stubble of your beard prior to shaving by hydrating the hairs of your beard fully, thus making the shaving process far easier and giving better results.  They also help to exfoliate and massage the skin of the beard area, encouraging blood flow and general health of the skin; they help to lather up and apply the shaving soap itself; and finally, they help to keep your hands clean of shaving foam.

  • Why synthetic shaving brushes?

    At Well Groomed Wizard, we made the choice to only stock shaving brushes that are made from 100% synthetic hairs, as opposed to shaving brushes made from badger hairs.  As famous and traditional as badger hair shaving brushes may be, it is an unfortunate truth that the badgers themselves are often farmed for their hairs and 'disposed of' as a result of the harvesting process.  Synthetic fibres are 100% vegan, which is, in our opinion, the correct choice.