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Beard Styling Balm

Beard Styling Balm

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U.K. handmade beard balm for styling and holding your beard in your desired shape, as well as keeping the hairs soft and healthy.

  • Handmade in the U.K.
  • Made with real beeswax
  • Mouthwatering scent
  • Style and hold your beard
  • Softens the hairs of your beard


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Beard Styling Balm

This balm is for bearded men that are looking to add a bit of style to their facial hair and shape it for the day ahead. As well as styling, this beard balm is designed to help a damaged beard repair itself and stay healthy, by providing much needed hydration and nutrients for your beard. It also add some fantastic scent to your beard too!

  • Made in the U.K.

    We aim to offer quality with all our products, that's why we handmake all our beard balms, right here in the U.K. We source local ingredients that are high quality and (where possible) organic too. By making our products right here in the U.K. we can ensure that they're high quality but also they have a lower carbon footprint.

  • Style Your Beard

    This beard balm has been made to help with your beard styling needs. Sometimes beards can be unruly and are hard to style or keep in the desired shape, like tying to keep the hairs of your beard laying flat. Simply using a bit of water and a comb isn't always enough for some beards. In times like this you're best off using a bit of beard balm. Our beard balm contains real beeswax which will help to hold your beard in whatever way you've styled it and keep it there.

  • Hydrate & Repair

    Most beards that have gained sufficient length and volume will be susceptible to drying out. The cells of your beard hairs will naturally produce oil to help keep your beard well-oiled, but once your beard has gotten too long it simply isn't enough. For this reason, using a bit of beard balm will help add some much needed hydration back into your beard. This will stop the hairs from drying out any further, keep them protected from the elements and help to repair any damage that may have occurred.

  • Great Gift

    Looking for a gift for a bearded man for Christmas or a birthday? May even a valentines day present? Our beard balm makes a great gift for a bearded man in your life.