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Wooden Beard Comb

Wooden Beard Comb

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Wooden beard comb for beard grooming your facial hair.

  • De-tangle your beard & keep knots away!
  • Stimulate blood flow & encourage optimum growth
  • Keep your beard well groomed!
  • Help apply your favourite beard oil


Made from pear wood

Pear Wood: A responsibly sourced wood that is also good for the environment. Pear wood has a rich scent to it and smells great.

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Dimensions: 99 (mm) x 58 (mm) x 8 (mm)
Teeth Length 1: 19 (mm)
Teeth Length 2: 19 (mm)
Weight: 26 (g)

Comb in Box
Dimensions: 104 (mm) x 63 (mm) x 18 (mm)
Weight: 18 (g)

How to Use

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Wooden Beard Comb

This wooden beard comb can help you in your beard grooming. Made from pear wood, this beard comb helps to keep your beard free from tangles and removes knots that may have bunched up. Use a beard comb as part of your grooming routine and keep your beard looking its best!

  • Remove Knots & Tangles

    During the course of a night a beard can become tangled and knotted, the longer you leave these knots the harder they are to remove. These knotted and tangled hairs can even lead to the follicles snapping and breaking! Keeping up with a regular combing routine will stop your beard developing tangles and knots.

  • Encourage Beard Growth

    Losing patience with your beard growth? Sometimes it feels like it takes forever for your beard to grow to your desired length. Combing your helps to stimulate blood flow to the area. As more blood flows to your face this will help to encourage an increase in beard growth. So give your beard a brush in the mornings and evenings and help speed up your beard growth!

  • Keep It Looking Great

    As the hairs of your beard bunch and curl up the result is a beard that doesn't look as long and full as it actually is! Simply combing your beard can help to stretch out these hairs to their full length and allow them to lay on top of each other rather than bunching up. The overall effect is a beard that looks thick and full and healthy.

  • Help Apply Beard Oil

    Do you use beard oil as part of your daily grooming routine? Sometimes it can be tricky to get the beard oil to fully coat your beard entirely. By using a comb to help spread the oil through the entirety of your beard you can ensure that it is all coated in beard oil.