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Beard Brush

Beard Brush

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Beard brush for quick and easy beard grooming, use this beard brush as part of your beard grooming routine.

  • Great for de-tangling beards
  • Stimulate blood flow & growth with daily brushing
  • Keep your beard looking thicker
  • Helps to apply beard oil


Beech Wood: A environmentally friendly sourced wood with an earthy and rich scent. This wood has been responsibly sourced.

Boar Bristle: Made from humanely gathered boar bristles to allow for a natural feel to your beard brush. A sturdy yet flexible bristle to help your beard.

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Dimensions: 120 (mm) x 63 (mm) x 30 (mm)
Teeth Length: 13 (mm)
Weight: 74 (g)

Brush in Box
Dimensions: 130 (mm) x 72 (mm) x 42 (mm)
Weight: 110 (g)

How to Use

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Beard Brush

Left to its own devices a beard will become more and more tangled and full of knots, this can lead to a beard that is constantly shedding hairs due to breakage and also looks more straggly and unkempt than it should. By using a beard brush you can help to keep it free from tangles & knots, make you beard looking long a fuller, help to apply beard oil and stimulate quicker beard growth.

  • Remove Knots & Tangles

    A beard can become tangled and knotted during the course of the night, from all the tossing and turning. This can cause some of the hair follicles to snap and break and generally become difficult to de-tangle if left for too long. The solution is to use a brush as part of your morning and evening grooming routine to gently remove any knots or tangles.

  • Encourage Beard Growth

    One great benefit of using a beard comb on a regular basis is that the brushing stimulates blood flow to the area, just like a massage. This increase in blood flow in turn helps your beard to grow faster. So for optimum beard growth be sure to use a beard brush on a regular basis.

  • Keep It Looking Great

    It's not just tangles and knots in your beard that will stop it looking its best, it also depends on how your beard is brushed out. If it isn't brushed out then it will be bunched up and will not be looking as long and full as it could. Brushing your beard will help to stretch the hairs out and get them to lay flat on top of each other, keeping your beard looking thicker and fuller.

  • Help Apply Beard Oil

    If you use beard oil as part of your grooming routine then perhaps its worth considering using a beard brush to help apply the oil across the whole of your beard. The brush will help to spread the oil across the whole length of the hair follicle, for maximum oil benefits.