4 Essential Daily Beard Grooming Tips

4 Essential Daily Beard Grooming Tips

1. Combing & Brushing

The most basic form of care that you can perform for your beard, yet it may be the most essential.

Combing and brushing your beard performs numerous tasks for your beard, such as:

De-tangling and removing any knots

As your beard hairs get longer and longer, you may start to find that they have a habit of becoming tangled and knotted together, they solution to this is to comb through the tangles and knots to release them.

Stimulating blood flow to the follicle's cell

Combing and brushing your beard stimulates blood flow to the cell which the hair grows from, which in turn helps to speed up the growing process. So by combing your beard, you will help to speed up growth.

Helping to spread the follicles natural sebum oil across the length of the hair

There is a natural oil that is produced by the gland of the hair follicle, this natural oil helps to keep the hair follicle hydrated and stops it from drying out.

Combing each hair out to its full length and separating the hairs (keeps your beard looking its thickest and longest)

The other simpler benefit to combing and brushing your beard is that it will separate the hairs and stretch them out to the full length. The result is that your beard will look its longest, thickest and fullest.

Either a comb or a brush will work for this task. Be sure to comb from the root of the hairs along to the very tip. Repeat several times across the full area of the beard.


2. Oil Your Beard

Think of Beard Oil like the life-blood of your beard. It can take an already impressive beard to the next level.

The oil (if it is a high quality oil) will do the following for your beard:

Hydrate and nourish your beard (to keep it healthy long term)

Although your beard has a function to produce its own oil to hydrate itself, there will come a time when your beard is simply getting too long.

When this happens the oil produced will struggle to coat the full length of the beard, and so it will dry out towards the end of the beard

This part will then become vulnerable to drying out and becoming weakened and damaged.

By using Beard Oil from a bottle, you can be sure that the full length of your beard is hydrated and healthy.

Soften the hairs so they are not as coarse

When your beard has become dry, one of the side affects will be that it is brittle and coarse to the touch.

By using Beard Oil you will soften the hairs of your beard, making them far more pleasant to run your fingers through

Hydrate and repair the skin underneath your beard

One thing that men often seem to neglect is the skin underneath their beard. Having a great bushy mane of hair growing from your face will definitely have an impact on the skin underneath that beard.

You will find that the skin will be somewhat dry and in need of repair. By applying Beard Oil, the skin will also come into contact and will benefit from this too.

Add a scent to your beard, depending on the specific oil chosen (think of it like cologne for your facial hair)

One of the other great benefits of using Beard Oil is the scent. You will ad a musky, or zesty smell (depending on the flavour) to your facial hair.

This will add an extra dimension to your beard, and give everyone another reason to love your glorious mane.

You should try out a few different scents until you find a scent that you enjoy, and you feel compliments your beard.

The best time to use the oil is after a shower, when the hairs are at their softest and most ready to absorb the oil.

Apply the oil to your beard by hand, using your fingertips to work the oil through the length of your beard.

Once the entire beard is coated, use a comb or brush to evenly distribute the oil across your facial hairs.

Use daily for best results.


3. Shampoo It Clean

If your hair gets greasy and messy, you wash it. If your beard gets greasy and messy, you should wash that too!

Beard Shampoo is a special blend designed especially for the bearded man.

Normal shampoo uses chemicals that usually prove to be too harsh for a beard and will strip away too much of the beards natural oil, leaving it damaged.

Even if your beard doesn't seem excessively oily to you, there may be dandruff and food residue trapped inside it, which will need to be washed out thoroughly, with Beard Shampoo, if you want to clean it properly.

Since Beard Shampoo will, by its very design, strip away any excess oils from your beard, you may want to follow up the wash by apply some Beard Oil.

This will help to ensure that your beard is re-hydrated back to normal, leaving your beard in its best condition.

4. Neaten Up The Edges

Another tip for grooming is to neaten up the edges of your beard every now and then. Under the neck and along the cheeks are the key areas.

You will find that there will be a few straggly hairs that grow past the bulk of your beard, these stand alone hairs can make your beard seem messy and untidy.

If you want to fix this, then the best method is to use a razor to carefully shave these off.

Be careful not to accidentally shave off the thicker areas of your beard!


So there are 4 of the most essential grooming tips to help you with your beard care.  

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