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Beard Shampoo | Do You Wash Your Beard?

Why Do You Need To Wash Your Beard?

You may be growing a beard, but are you grooming it properly?  This guide will explain just how dirty your beard may really be and the recommended steps to take if you want to keep your beard clean.

Food Particles

If you've had a beard for a while you will experience the pain of trying to eat while keeping your beard clean. Any dish with a sauce is especially a cause for concern to the bearded man. You may think you've gotten through a meal and cleaned up after yourself but you will most likely have traces of food particles in your beard, they could be crumbs trapped within your mane or sauces coating and crusted on the hairs themselves.

Pretty gross right? A build up of food particles can lead to odour and a build up of bacteria (which is no good for your skin!). Beard shampoo will cleanse these unwanted particles from your beard and leave it clean as a whistle!


Many guys may experience a dry beard, it's probably not your fault yet this dryness of the skin and beard can lead to dandruff ( just like the hair on your head). You may then find yourself shedding this dandruff throughout your day to day life. 

Imagine that.  You're on a date and you have a shower of dandruff floating down from your beard onto your top.  Your date will definitely notice that if they get close enough to you. No one likes a flaky beard.

The solution is to remove this build up of dandruff by shampooing your beard, just the same as you would the hair on your head.

Excess Oil

The opposite problem to having a beard that is dry and full of dandruff is having a beard that is excessively oily.  This is due to your sebum cells over-secreting natural oils. This will leave you with a greasy looking beard that needs to be dealt with.

The best thing to do is to strip away the excess oils by using beard shampoo.

Beard Shampoo vs Generic Shampoo

So now you may be thinking that the next time you are in the shower it'll be a good idea to lather your beard up with shower gel.  Well, it's a start but that's not the ideal product to use on your beard.

Man in shower

Well Groomed Wizard's Beard Wash Shampoo is blended to suit the coarser hairs of your beard and strip away dirt and grime. We advise not to use generic shampoo/shower gel since the hair on your head is different from the hairs on your face and so should not be treated with the same product.

You can check out our Peppermint and Lemon Beard Shampoo here.

How Frequently Should You Use It?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person. It mainly depends on:

- Beard Type
Beards that are naturally very dry or excessively oily will achieve best results with a daily use. It will keep your beard at its optimum condition every day.

- Beard Length
A shorter beard can get away with only being shampooed a few times a week, however the longer your beard the more frequently you will need to treat it.

- Lifestyle
The last variable is lifestyle. If you live in a large city then you will find your beard will become grimier due to air pollution and so your beard will benefit from daily maintenance.

(Also if you are a messy eater, there's nothing worse than a beard dripping in marinara sauce!)

Best Tips On Using Beard Shampoo

Apply the shampoo to your hand and lather through beard. Make sure you work the shampoo down to the roots of the hairs to ensure your beard is completely clean.

Ensure that you wash the shampoo out thoroughly by giving your beard a proper rinse.

After using the Beard Shampoo your beard will be clean and fresh. However it will also be lacking in essential oils that were stripped away during the cleaning process.

This is perfectly normal, the best step to help with this is to use a Beard Oil or Beard Conditioner to re-introduce some essential oils back into your beard which will help to nourish the hairs and keep them healthy.

If you'd like more info on applying Beard Oil then you can check out our guide here.

So there you have it!  Well Groomed Wizards guide to shampooing and cleaning your beard.  If you want to get started then you can check out our full range of products here.

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