How To Grow A Beard

How To Grow A Beard Faster

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Stages Of Beard Growth

So you want to grow a beard and you want to grow one fast? Well the good news is that there are things that you can do to while you embark on your bearded journey. The first step is to pick the length of beard style that you want to grow otherwise how will you know when you've finished?
Although your genetics are a big factor in the time your journey will take, it is also worth noting that different lengths of beard take vastly different times to grow. Here are the main stages of beard growth.


Long Stubble (1-3 weeks)

Although not technically a beard by the standards of many bearded men, growing your stubble out can be quite a nice feature in itself but don't stop there!
If you've never grown your beard out then you may experience itchiness at this stage. The best remedy for this will be to apply our Beard Balm, as this will help to soothe the skin since it contains ingredients like Olive Oil and Shea Butter.

Filling Out (4-12 weeks)

At this point you may be used to or through the itching stage and your beard is beginning to take shape. Your beard is now a noticeable feature on your face and here is where you can start grooming it, and you can start using a comb or brush for your beard to help encourage growth.

Brush & Comb Frequently

So now you know a bit more about the different stages of growth and the time and effort they take to achieve. We just wanted to go a step further to encourage you to let you know that you really will be making a difference to your beard's growth by doing so. Let's have a look at how a daily brushing and combing routine will help.
-Stimulates Hair Follicles
By combing your beard you are stimulating your hair follicles and encouraging blood flow to the cell. The more blood flow to the hair follicle cells and the more nutrients they will receive and therefore the quicker they will be able to grow the beard hairs.
-Straightens The Hairs
Okay this concept is pretty simple but it works. Your beard hairs may be rather long but they have a tendency to curl up ag they grow. If you regularly brush and comb them then it will help to straighten them out and therefore have your overall beard appear longer.
Believe it or not but there is a proper way to brush/comb your beard. If you want to read the full guide then you can check it our here.
See our full range of Combs & Brushes here.

A Great Big Bushy Beard! (12-52 weeks)

Now you'll be getting to the point where your beard hair is getting very long. You will obviously want to keep combing it, but you may also want to seriously consider introducing the use of beard oil. There are many benefits to using beard oil but it must be done properly. If you want to know the best want to apply beard oil then click here to read our guide.
Once you're at this stage then you may or may not have chosen to grow the moustache out too. If you have then you'll realise that it can take just as much maintenance as the beard itself! It's time to think about using some Moustache Wax. Like all our products we've prepared a guide to help you if you've never used it before, check out the guide to Beard & Moustache Wax here.

Use Beard Oil To Encourage Growth

Your beard hair follicles will naturally secrete their own oil to help nourish your beard but once those hairs get too long then it's time to bring in some outside help, and this is where beard oil comes in.
-Keeps hairs healthy
An unhealthy beard hair is one that won't grow as well and may even fall out! The best thing to do is to keep grooming it.
-Stops Itching
Just like when your beard was at the 'long stubble' stage, you may be experiencing some more itching. The best way to alleviate this is to use beard oil to help soothe the irritated skin underneath.
-Keeps Skin Cells Healthy
Keeping your skin cells healthy is key, your beard may be looking glorious but is it worth it if the skin underneath is suffering? Applying beard balm will be key to moisturise and repair the your skin.

Final Thoughts

Don't Trim Your Beard

It may sound obvious, but many people get frustrated with their beard as is starts getting longer than they are used to, the main culprit is the moustache! The trouble occurs when you are eating, sleeping etc. The more you trim however, the longer you will have to spend growing it. The best advice is to put up with it until your beard is long enough to brush out of the way.

Healthy Diet & Lifestyle

A healthy diet is always a key part of life, and it plays a role in your bodies growth and repair process. Your beard is no exception to this rule, be sure to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals to help support the growth process of your beard.
Things like spending times outdoors in the sunlight and getting enough sleep is also a factor in the process.


We saved the key ingredient for last; TIME! You need to be patient on your journey to growing a beard, it will take many weeks, months or even years! Great beards are built over time, so sit back, relax and watch your progress over the year and before long you'll start seeing great results!

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