How To Grow A Viking Beard

How To Grow A Viking Beard

Vikings & Beards

When you think of beards, one of the first things you think of are vikings.

And when you think of vikings one of the first things you think of are beards. These two seem to be synonymous with each other.

It's no surprise, since vikings are the kings of beards and all other things masculine. And a beard is one of the greatest symbol of masculinity a man can have.

So if you're reading this, then there's a good chance you like the viking look and you wish to channel your inner viking.

How To Grow A Viking Beard

There's a difference between a man growing a bit of facial hair and a walking round with a great big viking style beard.

But what is the difference between the two and what exactly makes a viking beard so unique?


A viking beard is long. We're talking a beard that has been growing for 6 months at least. A beard will take around 3 months before it even starts to take shape.

During these 3 months the beard will begin to cover all areas of your face and start to fill out. The hairs will stop laying flat against your face and will begin to bush out.

This process adds a new shape to your face. Your jawline has changed since it now includes bundles of hairs that have seemingly extended your bone structure.

Once these 3 months are up you will find that the beard has generally taken shape, it's then gonna need another few months to start gaining some length, therefore we recommend another 3 more months (ideally more!)

After enough time it will hang off your face like a proper viking beard.

Long Beard

Keep It Wild

While growing your beard out you should be sure not to trim any part of it, this is for 2 reasons:

- Any trimming will simply slow down your goal of achieving a viking beard (duh!)

- To achieve the look properly you should grow out each part of the beard properly; the chin, cheeks and moustache. Each will need to gain a lot of length to contribute to the overall viking look.

It may be tempting to trim some of these parts to neaten the look up, but it's best if you let it grow longer and let it look wild.

Give It Some Style

To truly achieve a viking style beard you may want to consider adding some plaits/braids.

This involves twisting bundles of hairs together and intertwining the separate bundles to form an overall plait.

Viking Beard

The other option is to braid your beard. Braiding involves twisting a stand alone bundle of hairs together.

Once your beard has some real length you will be able to start twisting a braid into some parts of it.

Other Tips While Growing

A few tips to make sure you're well on your way to growing the beard you want.

- Keep it combed/brushed on a daily basis. This is important as it may become tangled or knotted as it gets longer.

 - Beard Oil is going to become very important as your beard grows longer. The longer it grows the more it is going to dry out. Beard Oil will keep it hydrated and healthy.


 So there you have our tips on growing a viking beard.  Keep at it and you'll be sure to reach your goal.  For more beard products, click here.

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