How To Style Your Beard | A Daily Grooming Routine

How To Style Your Beard | A Daily Grooming Routine

The Well Groomed Wizard Team

Most people imagine that growing a beard is just a case of sitting back and waiting for their facial hair to reach its full potential.

If only! The reality is, by not maintaining and styling it properly, you are stunting its growth and leaving yourself open to some pretty big problems further down the line.

To avoid this happening, we’re going to explain how to style your beard as part of your daily grooming regime and the products that you will need in order to do this.

Beard Oil

Before you get stuck into styling your beard, you must first ensure that the hairs are going to grow as healthily as possible.

There is one product that you need to buy to ensure that this happens – beard oil.

We recommend that you choose a product that contains Argan (as it makes hair easier to style,) and Jojoba, (it’s great for thickening hair) oils.

Once you have chosen a beard oil, you will also need to learn the best way to apply it. Luckily, our blog post explains the whole process for you.

Beard conditioner

Once you have applied beard oil, you’re now ready to use conditioner so you can style your beard exactly how you want.

Once again, the ingredients that make up the product are very important. Here are just some of the key ones to look out for:

  • Shea butter: Can help soften beard hair and stop the skin underneath from drying out.
  • Olive oil: Is great in preventing beard dandruff from getting out of control.
  • Almond oil: When used regularly, can help to strengthen and prevent damage to hair in equal measure.
  • Aloe oil: It aids in the repair and new growth of hair follicles.

To apply it, first squeeze a small amount out and rub it between both of your hands. Next, carefully work your hands through your beard with the aim of reaching each hair and then curve it into your desired shape. If you have any hairs that won’t stay in place, use scissors to snip them away.

Brush or comb

The last step should come as no surprise to you. Like the hair on your head, a brush or comb is the perfect way to add the finishing touch to your beard grooming regime.

You can of course use both products to achieve this. But generally, if you have a shorter beard, a comb is preferable as it is unlikely to get stuck like it can do sometimes in a longer beard.

Folding combs are great as you can keep your beard styled whether you’re at home or out and about. You can also use it for your head hair too, so it is a versatile bit of kit all round!

On the other hand, if you have a longer beard, then you would be wise to invest in a brush instead. But of course, not just any type of brush! You want one with boar hair bristles which are great for taming even the wildest of beards.

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