How To Style Your Beard | A Daily Grooming Routine

How To Style Your Beard | A Daily Grooming Routine

Most people imagine that growing a beard is just a case of sitting back and waiting for their facial hair to reach its full potential.

If only! The reality is, by not maintaining and styling it properly, you are stunting its growth and leaving yourself open to some pretty big problems further down the line.

To avoid this happening, we’re going to explain how to style your beard as part of your daily grooming regime and the products that you will need in order to do this.

  1. Picking The Correct Beard Products
  2. Beard Shampoo
  3. Beard Oil
  4. Beard Comb
  5. Moustache Wax
  6. Beard Balm

Picking The Correct Beard Products

The biggest part of grooming your beard and keeping it well styled is choosing the correct beard products.

By choosing a few high quality beard products you can tackle a few of your beard's biggest issues and by doing so on a daily basis you can build it into a habit.

Beard Shampoo

So by using Beard Shampoo in your morning shower you'll be making sure you start your day with a fresh and clean beard.

The primary job of Beard Shampoo is to strip away any excess oil, food build up and general impurities within your beard.

It is important to note that Beard Shampoo is nowhere near as harsh as the shampoo for the hair on your hair, so it is recommended to use Beard Shampoo instead of regular shampoo.

Beard Oil

It is important to use Beard Oil on your beard if you want to make sure it is properly styled. It does a few important jobs, one of which is to hydrate the hairs of your beard.

The hairs of your beard may dry out if left unattended so it is necessary to prevent that from happening. This will keep your beard healthy, which is more important step to take before you start styling it.

So the other benefit of using Beard Oil is that it will soften the hairs of your beard. It will make it feel a lot more comfortable and pleasant to touch.

When your beard is dry it will be less soft, it will be rougher and more itchy. So by softening it you are stopping it being as itchy.

Other than feel and sight the other aspect to a well groomed beard is how it smells. Beard Oil is a perfect way to add some great scent to your beard.

There are a range of oils so its worth finding one (or more) that suits you and you enjoy, a bit like a good cologne.

Beard Comb

Once you're beard is soft, hydrated and generally healthy (as well as smelling great) the next step is to neaten it up, which is where a comb comes into use.

De-tangling your beard is the first way a comb will help, it will stop the tangled hairs getting too damaged but will also free up the hairs and allow them to be combed out fully.

Combing out your beard fully will neaten up your whole beard. It will stretch your beard hairs out to their full length and separate the hairs that would otherwise lay on top of each other, allowing it to look its longest and fullest.

Moustache Wax

If you've gone through the trouble to grow your moustache out then the next part is especially for you.

You will have long enough facial hair above your lip that will need its own special care and attention. This is where Moustache Wax comes into play.

The wax is used to hold the hairs of the moustache into a desired shape/style. A popular shape is the handlebar moustache.

As well as adding style to your overall beard, it will help you by lifting the hairs of the moustache away from your lip, making daily tasks such as eating a sandwich or drinking a cup of tea, much easier.

Beard Balm

Beard Balm is a product worth considering. It can be used as a substitute to Beard Oil and Moustache Wax too.

They share many of the same ingredients that will soften, hydrate and add some scent to your beard, just as Beard Oil will.

Beard Balm also contains beeswax, which will help to style your beard, similar to Moustache Wax, although not quite as effectively.

The blend of the ingredients make the balm soft and easy to apply to your beard, yet will still be able to set the hairs of your beard into a desired shape.


So there are the best ways to keep your beard well groomed.  Which beard products do you like best for your beard?  Let us know in the comments below.

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