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What To Do If Your Beard Is Curly? | 3 Quick Steps To Fix It

Beard hair too curly? Not sure why, or what you can do about it? Then this article may be for you! Read on to find out all about curly beards and how you can straighten the hairs of your beard.



Beard hair can be unpredictable & at times it can seem as if it is simply un-tamable. The longer your beard grows the less it seems to do what you want it to.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from guys growing out their beard is "my beard is too curly!" If they've never grown a full beard before then they're not sure what to expect, and can be disappointed with the results.

Now, just to be clear, many men have naturally curly beards and they love it. At Well Groomed Wizard, we love curly beards too, but not every guy likes their beard to be so curly, some prefer their beard hairs to grow straighter.

So we've put together this guide to explain to you why your beard is so curly and the steps you can take right now to get the kind of beard you've always wanted.

  1. Why is Beard Hair Curly
  2. The Problem With Curly Beards
  3. How To Straighten Your Beard


Why Is Beard Hair Curly?

Curly Hairs vs Straight Hairs

The reason your beard is growing curly is due to the individual shape of the hair follicles. Curly beard hairs have 'kinks' in the hair. They will grow in a straight line and then the hair will start growing at an angle.

This will make your overall beard look curly, whereas a straighter beard does not have these kinks. The hair follicle will more or less grow at the same straight line for the whole length.


The main reason why your beard has these kinks in it is down to genetics. Peoples beard will simply tend to grow based upon their DNA. There are certain lifestyle factors that will influence and contribute to how your beard grows.


A contributing factor to making your beard extra curly is a result of your lifestyle, with your grooming being at the top of the list.

If you neglect to properly groom your beard then the result will that that it will curl up extras dense. The primary factor is that you're simply not combing/brushing your beard regularly enough.

If you comb your beard on a regular basis, then you are helping to remove any tangles or knots. Tangles and knots will keep your beard densely packed and will not allow it to lay flat.

Whereas combing it regularly will remove these tangles and actually pull on the hair as you comb it, stretching it out to its full length and reducing the curl.


The Problem With Curly Beards

Hides Growth

One of the biggest issues with a curly beard is that it hides all the growth of your beard. If your beard is growing in tight curls, then its going to take much longer for your beard to grow down to your desired length.

If you were able to uncurl the hairs of your beard, then you would see just how long it really is and how much length is hidden due to a curly beard.

Harder To Comb/Clean

A curly beard will also be much harder to keep clean, those dense tight curls will trap dandruff, food particles & dirt. Once ingrained within your beard they won't come out as easily as they would from other beards.

Even though a good dose of beard shampoo will do the job of washing all impurities from your beard and help to keep it clean, you'll have to make a conscious effort throughout the day to help prevent the build up of food, grime etc.

You'll also struggle to comb through the curls of your beard. Combing is wonderfully beneficial to your beard (read more about that here) but it's going to be difficult if your beard is becoming tangled and knotted easily.

Combing curly beard

How To Straighten Your Beard

So if you're keen to straighten your beard then let's go through 2 main methods that you can use to get rid of those curls!

The first 2 methods involve using heat. Using heat will break down the positive hydrogen bonds in the hairs cortex, after you've broken the hydrogen bonds, the hair will no longer be able to revert to its original shape.

This method isn't permanent, as the hair will return to its original shape if its exposed to moisture.

Comb & Hair Dryer

This method is once that you'll need to do on a daily basis, its fairly quick and easy but it will reduce curls rather than fully straighten the hairs of your beard.

1. Best time to do this is in the morning after a shower, you're beard will be soft and easier to manipulate into shape.

2. Take a comb/brush and a hairdryer. Slowly comb through the length of your beard while simultaneously blowing hot air from the dryer over your beard.

3. The aim is to blow the hot air over the section of hair being combed, following the path of the comb.

4. The comb will stretch out and straighten the hairs of the beard and the heat from the dryer will help to set the hair in its new shape.

5. The hair will curl back into its original shape, but not quite as curl as before.

Although you want to avoid unnecessary contact with water (as it will undo the results) you will want to use some Beard Oil or Beard Balm to hydrate the beard hairs that will have inevitably become dryer through the process.

The other 2 methods are more time consuming but will give you better and longer lasting results.

Oil + Flat Iron (Hair Straighteners)

1. This method will require you to use a pair of hair straightening irons, make sure your beard is dry and the straightening irons are hot.

2. Ensure you have applied plenty of Beard Oil or heat protective serum, this will protect the hairs of your beard against excess damage caused by the hair straightening irons.

3. Comb through the entirety of your beard so all sections are free of tangles or knots and each hair is separated from the other around it, otherwise there will be sections that will not come into contact with the straightening irons.

4. Work through your beard, section by section, applying the irons to a cluster of hairs and glide it down the length of the hair slow enough to allow the heat to flatten and straighten the hairs.

5. Make sure you've given enough attention to each part of your beard and you should find that it is nice and straight throughout your beard.

Straightening your beard

Chemically Straighten

The final option is to chemically straighten your beard. This isn't something you can do yourself so you'd have to visit the hairdressers to have it done professionally.

They'll use chemicals, such as Lye relaxers, to break down the positive hydrogen bonds in the hairs of your beard. This is a similar process to using heat to break down the bonds.

Straightening your hair using this process is a permanent process and your beard will not return to its original shape, however the new growth of your beard underneath the chemically straightened hair will grow curly.


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