What To Do If Your Beard Is Patchy

What To Do If Your Beard Is Patchy

Why A Beard Grows In Patchy

So you're growing a beard, but a few months into your beard journey you realise that your beard is looking a little bit patchy, what should you do?

Maybe you've never previously tried growing your beard out, and you imagined that it would grow at an even thickness across your whole face. It's an unfortunate reality that many guys do not have a thick and bushy beard like you may see in the movies, even movie stars are not exempt from this reality.

What Can You Do About It?

If you've decided that you don't want to keep your beard patchy, then below are a few ideas on what you can do about it.

Give It More Time

The easiest solution (potentially) is to just give your beard more time. What may currently be a patchy area, will soon fill out if you were only give it enough time. This is because if your facial hair was to grow long enough, then these hairs will eventually end up laying across the patchy areas and covering them up. Before long the patchy areas will be covered to a point where they are no longer noticeable.

This approach may take some trial and error, some beards may be just too patchy to cover up with further beard growth. If this is the case, then you will need to try another method.

One solution is to pick a style of beard that works with the thinner areas of your facial hair, but to pick a style that would look best you will need to determine which areas are lagging in growth.

What To Do If You Have A Patchy Moustache

This is potentially the easiest situation to work with, many guys do not grow out their moustache when they grow a beard, and so you will not stand if your upper lip is lacking in hair. Once adequately grown out, the hair on your cheeks stands out due to its large volume, and so peoples attention will be naturally drawn to that and they will overlook your moustache.

What To Do If You Have Patchy Cheeks

This is one of there more disheartening areas to have problems with is your cheeks. The solution to this is to grow out your moustache fully. You'll need to make it the crowning jewel of your face, we're talking about combing it and applying moustache wax. You'll probably end up keeping the hair on your cheeks shorter and more stubble-like. This won't matter too much since your moustache will be so impressive that the patchy hair on your cheeks will not matter so much.

Use A Beard Thickener

You may have never heard of a beard thickener, but it is actually a common product used in some barbershops. The idea is that you use it in the areas of the beard that are lacking and it coats the hairs some of the skin underneath, the result is that you beard looks thick and full in all the areas. The downside to this is that the product will wash out and is not permanent, and close up people may be able to tell that your beard isn't natural.

Accept It And Rock It

This is a solution that takes a bit of confidence, the solution is this; if you have a patchy beard, just don't worry about it. You have a beard, it may not be the best beard out there, but it's your beard. You don't need to feel like your beard needs to be the best, so just leave it as it is.

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