Plastic Free Packaging!

Plastic Free Packaging!

Plastic free packaging

Earlier this year we announced plans to improve the packaging across our product range.  

The 2 main reasons for changing our packaging were :

1. To make them more "high street friendly" and easier to sell our products from shops, as well as more information on the packaging to easily inform customers at a glance.

2. To cut down on the amount of non-environmentally friendly material used, i.e. unnecessary plastic waste.

As we enter 2019 it is becoming clearer that consumers are purchasing in a more environmentally conscientious manner, especially when it involves plastic.

As every year goes by we are seeing more and more the damage and harm that plastics are doing to the various environments across the Earth.

Plastic waste

In the oceans alone there are an estimated 150 million metric tons of plastic already!  And as each year passes another 8 million tons are added.

The first step to this issue is becoming aware of it, and now that we are, more companies are starting to make the changes to cut down on their own contributing factors.

You may have already heard how McDonald's have switched from plastic to paper straws in the U.K.

With all this in mind, we decided that Well Groomed Wizard should be doing its part to cut down on our plastic.

We wanted to offer our customers the opportunity to choose packaging that can be fully recyclable and not add to the growing mass of plastic in the ocean.  

Whilst redesigning our packaging we took this goal into account and came up with our new plastic-free and fully recyclable range of packaging.

This is best reflected in our Beard Oil & Comb Gift Set.

Beard Oil & Comb Gift Set

If you'd like to take a further look then you can click here to be taken to the product page - Beard Oil & Comb Gift Set

Other products in our range are being rolled out with plastic-free packaging; our Double Sided Beard Comb and Cedarwood, Bayleaf & Lime Beard Oil, with the rest of our products soon to follow.

If you have any comments of questions you can direct them to the comments section below or email us at:

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