4 Different Types Of Razors | Which Is Best?

4 Different Types Of Razors | Which Is Best?

1. Cut Throat Razor

Consists of a single blade, with detachable razor, handle (wood, plastic etc) and a hinge to fold it away.

Very old and traditional, this is a very simply design of shaving razor. It is made up of a handle, a blade and a hinge so it can fold away.

Cut throat razor

Although you may need to change the blade for each use (to ensure best results) the blades themselves are very cheap to buy.

We recommend to buy a named brand razor blade, to ensure you are shaving with the highest quality.

Having an open bladed razor means you can angle and press the blade against your skin with a very high degree of control, what this means is that you are able to end up with an extremely close shave, which should usually be your aim.

The downside to this way of shaving is that it requires a confident and steady hand, otherwise you risk potentially seriously hurting yourself.

This way of shaving is ideal for those looking to get the best results, and who want to shave in the purest way possible.

2. Safety Razor

Just like the cut throat razor, this is also a very traditional way of shaving.

Typically consists of 3 pieces of metal; a handle and two parts to clamp down and hold a razor blade in place.

Again, like the cut throat razor, the blades for it a very cheap. This means that you can always shave with a fresh razor, without spending too much to do so.

The reason it's called a safety razor, is that only a small amount of the blade is exposed at any one time. Therefore you will struggle to do more than nick yourself with the blade.

Compared to other types of shaving razors, this one has a relatively simple design. Yet the simplicity of it will allow you to achieve fantastic results.

It is very easy to get a very close shave when using a safety razor.

You should choose this way of shaving if you want to get the best results, yet want no risk in getting those results.

3. Multiblade Razor

Brands like Gillette have made this way of shaving more popular.

hey have 3-5 razors on the razor head, with a strip of spongy material to help provide extra lubrication.

Multi Blade razor

The razor is relatively cheap to buy, but the razors themselves are expensive, it can be an expensive way of shaving, but it does come with it's advantages.

It's very safe and you are unlikely to cut yourself, the shave itself will feel very effortless, since you have multiple blades to help do the job.

Overall, this way of shaving is best for those who just want to be able to shave quickly and easily.

If you are in a rush and your stubble grows quickly, yet you still want to maintain relatively close shave, then this may be the best option for you.


4. Electric Razor

Made with a plastic or metal body, with a motor and spinning blades (safely encased).

In this busy and age shaving has become a less and less important thing to fit into your daily schedule (just look at how beards have taken over!) and therefore to fulfil a demand, electric razors have become a thing.

The tiny spinning blades are encased within a guard that only allow a certain length of hair into it, and then the blades cut it.

Electric Razor

The advantage of using this style of shaving, is that you can strip the stubble and hair from your face very quickly, sometimes within less than a minute.

The disadvantages of shaving this way, is that you will never get as good a shave that you'd get with a razor.

Also, it's worth noting that the hairs become more damaged at the end of the follicle than they do when cut with a razor (insert image here)

If you don't trust razors, or simply want the quickest and easiest method of shaving, yet don't mind about not getting a close shave, then this is the best option for you.

So those are the 4 main types of razor!  Which do you prefer?  Let us know in the comments below.

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