Growing A Handlebar Moustache

Growing A Handlebar Moustache

Trim your moustache into shape.

Any hairs that are too short, and that you're not planning to twist in an upwards curl, should be trimmed to keep the overall moustache in shape.

You don't need to trim the hairs too short, just enough to keep them off your lip. The other option is to leave them until they grow long enough to curl upwards with the rest of the hairs.

Style Your Moustache Into A Handlebar

Once your moustache is long enough and is trimmed into shape, it is finally time to complete your handlebar moustache.

We strongly recommend you use some high quality Moustache Wax. A good Moustache Wax will usually contain beeswax, this will set and give your facial hair a strong hold.

Take a small pinch of the wax and rub together in your fingers to warm it up, then apply it to the ends of your moustache, work the wax down the hairs and twist them together.

After the wax has coated enough of the hairs then curl the hairs up into the classic handlebar look and VOILA!

Keep It Clean And Trimmed

Moving forward there are a few things to bear in mind if you want to maintain your new look. You will find that your moustache will need to be washed out frequently to remove any excess build up of wax.

A good shampoo will do the job of stripping away the unwanted wax in your facial hair and any other food particles.

It is also a good idea to add some beard oil to your grooming routine, since you will only be using the oil on your moustache you will only need a small amount.

Every so often you should be sure to trim your lip hair before it gets too long. Once per week or once every 2 weeks should suffice for a trim.

How far along are you will your handlebar moustache? Let us know in the comments below.


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