What Exactly is Beard Balm..?

What Exactly is Beard Balm..?

A Quality Product

Beard Balm is used to maintain a healthy beard and to style it too. It is a blend of various natural oils and beeswax. The result is a hard, yet yielding substance, therefore you will see it sold in a tin.

It is important to ensure that you buy a high quality beard balm, if you're going to be applying it to your beard on a regular basis then you'll want reassurance that it is indeed a quality product that will do the job.

Beard Balm is one of the most popular products when it comes to beard care, you could call it an essential item if you want to maintain a magnificent beard.  Lets take a look at what exactly makes it so effective and essential.

The Main Ingredients

In terms of ingredients, there are a few key ones that make beard balm what it is.  If you're shopping around for some beard balm then you should check to see if it contains these important ingredients;

Carrier Oil (Jojoba Oil):

This oil is the backbone of the Balm and makes up the bulk of the ingredient blend.  It has wonderful properties and will hydrate, nourish and protect the hair follicle.

Shea Butter:

This ingredient does a similar job to the carrier oil, it hydrates and nourishes and is especially good for the skin, once it works its way down the length of the hair to the base of the hair follicle.

Scented Oil (Lime Oil):

This oil (and others like it) are added to the balm to give your beard a rich aroma.  The specific scented oils will very from balm to balm, depending on the desired scent that the brand is aiming to achieve.


The beeswax is the element of the balm that allows you to add style and shape to your facial hair.  Beeswax, when set, is hard and holds its shape, making it the perfect ingredient (when blended with oil) to hold the desired shape of your beard.


Maintain Your Beard Health

The biggest reason to use Beard Balm is to maintain the health of your beard, you may not realise why your beard is in need of special attention, but your beard can easily become damaged and unhealthy if left unattended for too long.

Hydrate & Repair

One of the main functions of beard balm is to encourage healthy beard growth. As your beard gets longer, you will find that it will struggle to keep itself naturally hydrated.

The sheer length of the hairs, the sun, the wind and general modern day living will all contribute to the individual follicles drying out.

Once they dry out, the can break, get split ends and generally become damaged, this is where beard balm comes to the rescue.

The oils in the balm will coat the hairs of the beard and begin to hydrate them, this in turn will begin to nourish and repair the hairs, undoing any damaged caused.
The oil will also act as a barrier to prevent them from drying out in future.

Soften hairs

A secondary benefit to all this hydration and nourishment is that it will soften the hairs of your beard. This will reduce itching and generally make your beard feel more pleasant.

This in turn will keep the skin underneath the hairs in better condition, since there are no irritants rubbing against it, and you will no longer be scratching it.



The other big reason to use Beard Balm is to help tame some of the wilder aspects of your beard.

You may find that your beard gets somewhat frizzy from time to time, beard balm can solve this problem.

The beeswax in the balm will give a firm hold when set, therefore it can be used to shape your beard to some degree, while the oils blended in to the formula will make it softer and easier to apply than regular beeswax.

Your beard is made up of many hairs of different lengths, growing in different directions. Because of this, you will find that there are always hairs that are sticking out from the main mass of your beard.

You can use the balm to smooth down these hairs so they lay in formation with the rest of your beard, most find this way of styling their beard more visually appealing since it makes your beard appear denser.

You can also use the balm to shape your moustache a little, but obviously we recommend Moustache Wax if you want to do the job properly, due to the higher content of moustache wax.


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