What To Do If Your Beard Doesn't Connect

What To Do If Your Beard Doesn't Connect

There's nothing slicker that having a thick and full beard that seamlessly blends into your hair line, if you're lucky enough to be born with the genetics that allow this, then congratulations! However if your beard doesn't connect then there are a few things that you can do to help the situation.

Give Your Beard More Time

The simplest solution may be to give your beard more time to grow. This gap in your beard may be filled in if given enough time. The reason your beard and hair does not connect may be that the hairs in this area grow slower then the rest of your beard. You will be able to help this process along by caring for your beard and doing what you can to speed up your beard growth. Before long, you will start to see the gap being filled in by patches of hair in this area.

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Get A Skin Fade In Your Hair And Beard

Your beard will struggle to connect if the hairs on the side of your face are too thin and sparse towards your hairline. The result will be that your beard and hair do not connect. One solution ton this is to create the illusion that they do. You can do this by having a skin fade.

A skin fade is created by shaving the hairs using a progressively shorter and shorter gradient, the result will be that the hairs will eventually be taken right down to the skin and the hairs will not be noticeable.

You will need to use this on your hair line and also on your beard. The beard and hair lines will not connect, but they will be symmetrical, since they will both be taken to the same gradient.

The result will be that the gap will still be there, but it will not be noticeable since they will blend together by using your skin as a seamless connecting point.

Shave Your Beard Into A Point

Even though your beard and hair line do not connect fully, there may be a small patch of hairs that grow up from your beard line into your hair line. If you are trying to grow a full beard, then these hairs may not be noticeable amongst the rest of your facial hair. However, if you were to shave the hairs into a thin point, then these hairs will become obvious and they can be used to connect your hair and beard, without looking like a weak connection.


Go For A Different Beard Style

Another option to take is to simply choose a new beard style, one that works with the amount of hair you can grow. If you are struggling to connect your hair and beard, then you may be better off growing a goatee instead. A goatee focuses mainly on the moustache and chin hairs, it doesn't matter about the hairs on your cheeks, since they will be kept clean shaven. The result is that your beard doesn't connect because it is not meant to, therefore people will not second guess your beard growing abilities.

Grow You Hair Long Enough To Cover The Gap

If you don't want to trim or shave your beard, then you can opt for changing your hairstyle instead. If you were to grow your hair longer, then you could use this extra hair length to cover the gap in your beard. The main part you will need to grow is your sideburns. If you were to grow these to an adequate length then they will drape over the gap between your hair and beard.


Just remember, if you're growing a beard, then you can keep it looking groomed with our selection of beard products.

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